We Do Triathlon Timing, and We Run Them.

Interested in our chip timing solutions for your triathlon or multi-sport race?

Here at Crossroads Events and Timing we use Innovative Timing System's Jaguar System to time all of our events. We use ITS's technology because they have a superior form of technology that allows us to provide our clients with incredibly accurate times, read rates, and unique results deliverables. You can read in detail specifications about the Jaguar system we use here: Why Jaguar?

We use ITS's ankle strapped T-chip to time all of our triathlon and multi-sport events. This chip is worn around the ankle with the chip facing towards the outside of the participant's body. Participants must wear their timing chip throughout the entirety of the event to insure their times are recorded as they proceed through each timing point. These chips are waterproof and extremely durable.

All of our Triathlon and Multi-Sport race clients receive:

  • A Professional Grade Aluminum Truss Arch
  • 3 Timing locations to record your 5 race splits. (Usually located at the entrance and exit of transition and at the finish line)
  • An ankle strapped timing chip for each participant
  • A Large LED Timing Clock
  • A Touch Screen Results Kiosk with a Receipt Printer (As Available)
    • If all of our Kiosks are booked but by clients whom booked earlier we can provide you with scrolling results on a t.v. screen
  • Instantaneous Printed Results
  • Online Registration Setup and Management (If needed)
    • We use itsyourrace.com to manage your online registrations. We like to use this platform because it allows us to offer you an event webpage, mobile phone race app, interactive clickable results, interactive course maps, finisher certificates, and so much more! However if you would prefer to work with another online registration company we can accommodate that as well.

Other Optional Race Timing Upgrades

We also offer other awesome timing services that can be custom added to your event like:

  • More Timing Points - Some of our clients have multiple transitions, split points, or other locations where times need to be recorded
  • Live Results Uploaded to a Webpage and Mobile Phone Race App
  • Multiple Results Kiosks or Multiple T.V.s with Scrolling Results
  • Announcer's Stations Where Announcer's Can See and Announce Participant's Names Before They Finish

Have other ideas of something unique you would like to see at your race? If you can dream it we can most likely do it! Visit our Request a Quote page and submit a quote to receive a customized quote and timing solution!