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35th Anniversary

May 9th 2020

Olympic Distance: 1500M Swim, 40K Bike, 10K Run

Sprint Distance: 750M Swim, 20K Bike, 5K Run

Venue: Hawthorn Park - 6067 E Old Maple Ave Terre Haute, IN 47803


Welcome to the new Thunder in the Valley Triathlon page!

We are excited to bring you another year of awesome racing at the beautiful Hawthorn Park!

Coming into it's 35th year the Thunder in Valley is a time proven Hoosier favorite! Athletes ranging from 1st timers to best best pros in the world have come from all over the Midwest and beyond to race this beautiful venue, take home some top notch race swag, and enjoy a professional and fun racing atmosphere. We hope you will come join us and become part of the tradition!

Race Cap: 300 participants


Race Price Increases (Cutoff at 11:59 p.m.)                    Sprint                    Olympic                    Team (Sprint & Olympic)

Until March 7th                                                                             $50                            $60                                               $90

Until April 7th                                                                               $55                           $65                                              $100

Until May 7th                                                                                 $60                           $70                                              $110

In Person Registration                                                                 $70                           $80                                                $120

(You must be a USA Triathlon Member to participate. If you are not you can purchase a USAT 1 day membership when you register online or in person for an additional $15)

Event Schedule

  • Friday May 8th

    • 4 - 8 p.m. - Pre-race packet pickup and in person registration

      • Location: Hawthorn Park Beach

    • 5 - 6 p.m. - Swim / Run clinic

      • Location: Hawthorn Park Beach

    • 6 p.m. - Pre-race welcome speech and event overview

      • Location: Hawthorn Park Beach

  • Saturday May 9th

    • 6 - 7:30 a.m. - Race day packet pickup and registration

      • Location: Dogwood Shelter in Hawthorn Park

    • 6 - 7:45 a.m. - Transition Open

      • Location: Transition Area

    • 7:50 a.m. - Pre-Race Meeting

      • Location: Hawthorn Park Beach

    • 8:00 a.m. - Olympic Distance Elite Wave Start

    • 8:03 a.m. - Olympic Distance Time Trial Start

    • 9:00 a.m. - Sprint Distance Elite Wave Start

    • 9:03 a.m. - Sprint Distance Time Trial Start

    • 10:00 a.m. - Post-race food and refreshments served

      • Location: Hawthorn Park Beach

    • 11:15 a.m. - Begin Sprint Distance Awards Ceremony

      • Location: Hawthorn Park Beach

    • 11:45 a.m. - Begin Olympic Distance Awards Ceremony

      • Location: Hawthorn Park Beach


Participant Information

Course Maps

Results 1999 - 2014

Results 2015 - 2017

2018 and Beyond are on this website

(Years 2015 and previous years featured a 800M swim, 40k bike, 8k run. In 2016 we switched to the traditional Olympic Distance of 1500M swim, 40k bike, and 10k run & added a sprint distance triathlon of 750M swim, 20k bike, 5k Run)

35th Anniversary Athlete Gear

  • Hybrid Thunder in the Valley Race Shirt (with an awesome design)

  • Custom Diecast 34th Anniversary Finisher Medal (shown below)

  • Custom Diecast 34th Anniversary Awards (Will do top 3 overall, Athena, Clydesdale, Teams, and top 3 in each 5 year age category for both the Sprint and the Olympic race)

  • Custom Thunder in the Valley Race Bib#s (register by April 21st to have your name printed on your bib#)

  • Thunder in the Valley Swim Cap

2019 medals copy.png

Course Overview


As stated in the above schedule the Olympic race will start at 8:00 a.m. and the Sprint race will start at 9:00 a.m. Both race starts will begin with an elite wave start and then will be followed by a time trial start with athletes entering the water 1 at a time every 3 seconds. The Sprint distance athletes will do 1 lap before exiting the water. The Olympic distance athletes will do 2 laps. Olympic swimmers will stay in the water after their 1st lap. They will turn around at the last buoy before the swim exit and will complete a 2nd lap before exiting. The water temperature for this time of the year fluctuates around the mid 60s. Wetsuits have been legal basically every year and we do recommend them. As a reminder we are a USA Triathlon sanctioned event and we will run wetsuit procedures according to USAT Rules (If the water temperature is 78 degrees Fahrenheit or below then wetsuits ARE allowed. At 78.1 to 83.9 degrees Fahrenheit participants may wear a wetsuit at their own descretion; however, wearing a wetsuit in the temperature range will mean that the athletes are ineligible for awards.) After exiting the swim you will run approximately 150 yards to transition.


According to USAT rules all athletes must wear a helmet throughout the entirety of their bike and you must have bar end plugs in your handle bars. Recumbent bicycles are not allowed at the race. We will have a bike mechanic who can make minor repairs and air up your tires situated beside transition. You are not allowed to mount your bike in transition. You must exit transition and mount your bike at the mount / dismount line. All athletes will proceed out of transition and take a right. Volunteers will be at all stop signs stopping / slowing traffic and police officers will be located at all high traffic intersections to stop / slow traffic but the roads are not closed to traffic and please pay close attention to the road and traffic. The 1st part of the bike course is very flat and fast. The sprint athletes' route will be extremely flat. The Olympic athletes will come to a series of larger rolling hills before they come to their turn around point. The entire route will be very well marked with spray paint on the ground, signs on the side of the road, volunteers, and a large cone in the center of the road with another large sign at each turn around point. The sign and volunteers will indicate which turn around point is for which race. Please pay close attention to all course markings, and familiarize yourself with the course map. Per USAT rules you are responsible for knowing the course layout. Both courses are out and backs so you will turn around at your turn around point and head back the way you came. Upon re-entering the park you must dismount your bike at the mount / dismount line.


After exiting transition again you will follow the course markings (orange duct tape), signs, and volunteers directly out of the back of Hawthorn Park onto the Heritage trail where you will take a right. Both the Sprint and the Olympic will take the same route. The Sprint athletes will turn around on the trail and head back into the park the same way they exited. The Olympic Athletes will continue on to their turn around, will head back towards the park entrance/exit, but will proceed past that entrance to another turn around before heading back into the same park entrance/exit they originally used to get onto the Heritage Trail. When athletes (both Sprint and Olympic) enter back into the park they will continue along the paved trail they came in on until the course markings and a volunteer directs them off of the paved trail. Athletes will then circle along the back of the lake, onto a gravel trail, (this is the only portion of the run not taking place on a paved road or paved trail) and then back onto the park road which they will take all the way to the finish line. The run course is extremely flat and fast. Please make sure you know your run course map as per USAT rules you are responsible for knowing your course layout.


Hotels and Restaurants

The closest hotel and easiest to access the race course from is the Holiday Inn Express located off of 46 near Walmart which is about a 3 - 4 quick drive to the race course. However if you would like to stay downtown and check out Terre Haute there are several nice downtown hotels such as the Hilton Garden Inn and the Candlewood Suites and they are still a short travel to the race venue.

If you are looking for some great places to eat or grab a drink here are some of our personal favorite places in Terre Haute.

Favorite Pub Food - Moggers - located downtown in the old brewing district Moggers was part of the original Terre Haute Brewing Company. They offer more beers than you can possibly image but are also family friendly!

Favorite Steak or Fine Dining - Stables (also located in the old brewing district next to Moggers) or J Fords (located more central to downtown) both excellent choices located in cool buildings.

Thank You To Our Sponsors for Making This an Amazing Event!



Refund Policy

Refunds will be considered but are not promised with written request via email to the race director 2+ months out from the event. From 2 months out to 2+ weeks out you will not receive a refund but could use your entry fee as a credit towards participating in another one of Crossroads Events' events. There will be no refunds or credits given out 2 weeks and less from the event.