And we are LIVE! Timing with Instant and Live Results

If you are an avid runner or have ever run in a competitive racing event, you know the struggle of trying to find your results after you cross the finish line. Standing in crowds of people all trying to read a small piece of paper that is posted on a wall somewhere is a common occurrence at many races. If you are tired of the slow and monotonous process of finding your race times, there are better options. Paper results are no more in today’s day in age, instant results and live results are the thing of the future.

How great would it be to be able to get your race results immediately after your big finish? Perhaps online or even directly from your phone! This is totally possible! Let’s face it, 99% of us always have our phones on our persons or at least very nearby. So why not simply use that to find your results whenever and wherever you’d like? If this sounds interesting to you, we urge you check out all of the benefits that a site called can offer! With live online results updating with every finisher and even a free mobile app that does the same you will never have to stand in a line or a crowd of people again to know how well you did in your race!

As a runner this is crucial to a great race day experience, and as a race director, results distribution is crucial to keeping your athletes happy and coming back for years to come! If getting their results is slow and tedious, many runners will not be too happy. But giving them the option to simply open their phone from the finish line, their cars, or even from the comfort of their own home, what could be better? And even better yet, with ItsYourRace’s live results, family and friends who aren’t even at the race can still keep up to date with their loved one’s and their great achievement!

While a majority of races have deeper meaning than winners and losers, the main motivation for people to participate in competitive events it to compete with others as well as themselves. And their ability to quickly and accurately find their results plays a huge role in hosting a successful event. So ditch the old ways and many rolls of tape it takes to post paper results that only end up frustrating those looking for their times, and look toward the future of instant and live results! Check out or contact us at Crossroads Events and Timing for more information on how this results option can improve your next big event all the while making your life as the race director and the lives of your athletes run smoother and more enjoyable at your race!

As always, if you have ideas or suggestions for topics you would like to see covered in one of our posts, feel free to let us know at! Thank you again for reading, and happy running!

Justin Kidwell

Timing Manager

Crossroads Events and Timing