Make it Personal!

Welcome back everyone for another week of A Race Directors Guide: Taking Strides Towards Your Best Race! Last week we covered the importance of registration and ways you as the race director can take a load off your shoulders and streamline your participant registration process. This week, we want to go over how much of an impact event personalization can have not only on your race numbers, but also in the hearts and minds of your athletes.

No one can argue that simply having your name printed on something can add a level of attachment to whatever it is that has your name on it. Why not apply this to your next event? There are many customization options that you as a race director can provide to your athletes, quite possibly the best, your race bibs! Luckily there are many great ways for you to spice up your race bibs which will not only benefit you and your race but will also provide your participants with a sense of personalization which will keep your race on their minds even after they cross the finish line and leave with their race timing results!

“Why personalize you racing bibs” you may ask? Well let’s look at some of the benefits that customized bib number can provide that generic ones cannot.

Sponsor Exposure

Customized race bibs give potential sponsors the perfect incentive to want to be involved in your event. With the ability to display not only your own organization on your new bibs, you have the ability to display sponsors right on your runner’s chests as well! This added value and exposure for your sponsors may increase the amount of sponsorship dollars they are willing to provide to your event and organization.

Coupons and Special Offers

You can provide incentives to your athletes by adding coupons or special offers which can be found directly on their bib numbers. Your participants will love that little added bonus to reward themselves for competing in your race! Not to mention, it will keep your race and organization on the top of their minds as they go to use their coupons even after they have finished running the course.

Give Your Athletes Something to Remember

Heart Throb Custom Bib.PNG
Heart Hero Custom Bib.PNG

All of these benefits for you are and your organization, but these personalized racing bibs also give your athletes something to cherish after leaving the course and returning home. By giving your runners the chance to add their name or a quirky quote they enjoy can really add some personal fun to the race. Many runners are sentimental when it comes to racing. Whether it be a 5K, a marathon, or a triathlon, they have worked hard in preparation to run their very best times, and what better gift than a memento like a customized race bib to take home with them to display and brag about their achievement. Not only will they love having it, but they will always remember the race they received it from, your race!

Save Money on Finisher Medals

While there really is no beating a tangible congratulatory medal for completing a race, in most cases, handing out a finisher medal to every single athlete that crosses the finish line simply doesn’t fit most budgets. But fret not! Sending your athletes home with a personalized race bib with their names, colorful displays, and the race name is a perfect “thank you for racing with us” gift that won’t break your bank!

Donut Dash Custom Bib.PNG

All of these customizable options can be available to you. You as the race director will benefit, your athletes will love it, and your race numbers will skyrocket by simply adding a personal factor to your race number bibs. Everyone who participates in your event will see that you care about them and want them to feel special as they compete in your race.

Wendell Foster Custom Bib.PNG

Here are just a few examples of some of the custom race bibs that Crossroads Events and Timing has created for some of our race directors! You can use them as inspiration for your next race or feel free to ask us for some help! Either way, you will love all of the benefits and payoffs that come with you new running bibs and your athletes will remember your events even after the last finishers crosses the line!

Happy Running!

Ethan Page,


Crossroads Events and Timing