Planning the Best Race with Crossroads

As a current or aspiring race director, you know all too well that many factors come into play while planning the perfect event before the starting horn even sounds. Luckily for you, Crossroads Events and Timing is here for you to provide you with the best and most effective race planning, management, and timing services available! In the posts to follow, we will walk you through step by step how to plan and execute the most memorable event as well as all of the race day services Crossroads can offer you!

The first and possibly the most important step in the early stages of any race is registration and visibility. Setting up your race on a well known registration site where it is simple and fun for registrants to sign up is crucial in a successful event! If no one can find your race or figure out how to register for your race, then your race day number may be less than desired. Here at Crossroads, we will take this process into our own hands and create an easy to find registration page for you so you can focus more on your actual race and less about obtaining registrations!

Crossroads partners with, a fantastic race registry website where you can have total freedom in how your official race website looks, the information that is given, and better visibility and marketing materials as you prepare for the big day! The reason we use this registration service as well as why you should consider it as well is because it provides you with one central location that every athlete can easily find to not only register, but ask you questions, look at an interactive course map, donate to your organization, and even find their timing results following the race. This takes the hassle out of obtaining information about the race and provides an easy and enjoyable experience for you as well as your runners!

Along with set up and management of your registration page, Crossroads will handle all of the complicated registration data that comes through the website and we will process all of that information and put it into a simple and easy to understand list with everything you need for the day of the race. All of this great service comes included in our race timing services, so not only do you get the flawless and accurate timing service, but you also get a free website and registration page out of the deal! No more is the day of stressful number crunching and registration gathering, Crossroads Events and Timing will handle it all for you!

Stay tuned for more ways to take your event from 1 to 100 and all of the ways Crossroads can support you every step of the way! Next time we will talk about how to create the most memorable finish line that runners will be talking about after they cross the finish and will keep them coming back to your event for years to come!


Ethan Page


Crossroads Events and Timing