Advertising My Event

The most frequent question we are asked is how can I better advertise and grow my race? Growing your race comes down to having a wonderfully executed event that leaves participant leaving with a fantastic experience. Afterwards and leading up to your race you need to tell the world about what an awesome event you've created!

In this post we will be giving you a general where and how to better advertise your race.

1. List your event on all and as many online race calendars as possible. The big ones are listed below.

  • Running in the USA (All races)
  • My Race Pal (All races)
  • Slow Twitch (triathlon specific)
  • Tri Find (triathlon specific)
  • Marathon Guide (Marathon / Half Marathons)
  • American Trail Running Association (Off Road Races)
  • USA Master Swimming (Swimming specific)

2. You should also list your race on as many community and local organization's websites as possible. Examples of where to find these are.

  • Your local t.v., newspaper, and radio station community calendars
  • Your local running club or triathlon club calendars
  • City or downtown specific calendars

3. You should also call all of your local radio and t.v. stations to see if you can come on for a local events segment to talk about your event approximately 1 - 2 weeks before your event. These are almost always free and a great way to advertise your event.

4. Get postcards and flyers made and drop them at similar locations in your community. You can order these and other race materials through Crossroads Events. We have created strong race partnerships so we can offer our clients fantastic products at unbeatable prices.

  • Local gyms
  • Running / workout stores
  • Local area business locations
  • Ask other local race directors if they would be willing to stuff your postcards in their race packets or display them at their race tables

5. Post heavily on your organization's social media pages about the event as soon as registration is live all the way up to the event.

6. Tap into our organization's email newsletter several times to send race information to all those who are already supporting your organization.

We hope this will be enough to get you started on better advertising your race and growing your race numbers!


Ethan Page