Ethan Page President

Timing and event management guru, Ethan is the driving force behind Crossroads Events and Timing.

Whether you need an unique event built from the ground up, a complex timing solution, or something in between he has done it all. His whole goal is to make your life leading up to and on race day a breeze.

In his spare time Ethan enjoys competing in triathlons, traveling, and putting his creativity to work!



Ron Page

     Race Manager

Whether it is timing your event or managing course volunteers Ron is there to make sure your event runs smoothly from beginning to end. He always makes sure to leave our clients and participants with a big smile on their face!

In his spare time Ron loves the outdoors and spending time with his family especially his grandchildren!



Maddie Henry Marketing Manager

Wondering how we are able to advertise our events and give them that unique look? That is Maddie's specialty! Currently studying marketing in college Maddie puts her studies to work helping Crossroads Events keep the world informed about our events and services!

In her spare time Maddie loves to golf and plan her family's next Disney vacation!



Mike Skwortz

   Event Timer & Race Assistant

When there are a million things to do on race day do you ever wonder how they all get done? Mike is usually the guy behind the scenes making sure course courses get marked, volunteers get placed, and aid stations get dropped. He also is a computer whiz whom can help manage your race day timing needs to make sure your event receives fast and accurate results!

In his spare time Mike loves to cook, golf, and do some home improvement!


Larry Davis - Race Assistant

Quick and precise race setup is the name of the game when it comes to Larry! You will usually see Larry near the finish line helping with our timing and event setup and runners as they are crossing the line!

In his spare time Larry love the outdoors and lifting!